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Our women’s residential program is in nearby Bluffton, SC. It is only 10 minutes from our Hilton Head treatment center. The women’s program customizes each woman’s treatment experience to generate the best possible recovery outcome. Our female clients collaborate with their therapist and help design their individual treatment plan. They feel secure, supported, and comfortable in both treatment and residence environments. The program also offers many new age, holistic therapies that are focused on total health and wellness. The total environment lends itself to a spiritual, physical, and emotional journey toward restoration and recovery.

BriteLife makes every effort to create a total wellness experience within our women’s residential treatment program in Bluffton, SC. Our talented therapists will stimulate the strong, courageous, and beautiful side of each woman to overcome the disease of addiction and accompanying co-occurring disorders. Our pride comes from seeing women complete a full continuum of addiction treatment and successfully return to their homes and communities with the tools to sustain long-term addiction recovery.


Women continue to face gender-based pressures, worries and fears, which leads to feminine ways of thinking about, reacting to and interpreting the world around us. The female experience remains vastly different from that of men. Women are more prone to being single parents. Women are also more likely to be victims of assault, abuse, or trauma. They are also more susceptible to co-occurring disorders such as depression or anxiety. Many of these problems intensify addiction. Whether it be low self-esteem, financial trouble, neglect, trauma, or other behavioral health disorders, these are all risk factors for substance abuse.

At BriteLife, these issues as just as important as signs of substance use disorder. Our South Carolina women’s addiction program provides treatment and care that addresses the whole person, taking into consideration every woman’s history and the reasons why they arrived at our Bluffton, SC facility.

Our gender-specific women’s addiction programs emphasize support, safety, acceptance, understanding, and love. This allows our female clients to get past the problems that affected their substance use and look toward a brighter future of recovery and wellness.


Many of the holistic programs we integrate with traditional cognitive behavioral therapies have shown to improve treatment participation while attending to all the aspects that impact substance abuse. Our South Carolina treatment programs are evidence-based, leading treatment modalities, tools, and therapies that include:

Once a client successfully completes detox, it is advisable to enter a residential treatment program as the next step in addiction recovery. You may have determined that a women’s residential treatment program is right for you or a loved one. Regardless of where you are, that next step can feel overwhelming. Be assured that BriteLife Recovery is here to help and available 24/7 to answer your questions confidentially. If our women’s residential treatment program feels like the right option, please give us a call today at 866-470-2187.

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