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Most clients arriving at BriteLife Recovery treatment centers are not in their best physical or emotional health. The longer addiction lasts, the greater the toll it takes on the mind, body, and spirit. Our holistic treatments do not replace evidence-based treatment protocols, but they do help clients improve many of withdrawal and craving symptoms while enhancing overall health and wellbeing – which is vital for sustainable addiction recovery.

Whether its fitness training, yoga, or acupuncture therapy, the BriteLife wellness programs are an important component of the healing process that every client can take advantage of (as long as they are medically cleared). The programs are integral to BriteLife’s holistic approach to addiction treatment. In our wellness programs, clients can holistically improve their mind, body, and spirit through any of the therapies, activities, and education.

When clients participate in holistic treatment, they can naturally release endorphins into a body that is typically starved for them. Our alternative treatment programs are integrated with psychotherapy and skills training to help clients to achieve or improve their overall health and wellness. The objective is to help clients achieve the confidence and positive outlook that sustains recovery and prevents relapse.


Yoga and meditation are two holistic activities clients can use to slow down, breathe, and relax their anxieties. Our alternative therapies have proven to be remarkably beneficial for substance abuse clients, who have trouble with control of their impulses. Moreover, clients with substance use disorder are usually very reactionary. Yoga and meditation help clients discover the “pause button” before reacting to people or situations.

At BriteLife Recovery, we offer yoga classes at all our locations. The classes concentrate on the development of mind-body-spirit connection. Our treatment centers also offer daily, guided meditation, educating clients how to quiet their brains and relax themselves without the need for medication.


we utilize acupuncture to aid clients with an array of issues connected to substance abuse recovery including reducing cravings, diminishing withdrawal symptoms, and improving pain relief. Acupuncture is also a tool for other behavioral health issues, including stress reduction and supporting sleep.

Massage therapy is the physical pressure, kneading and rubbing of the soft tissues of body. The relaxing therapy also enhances blood flow to several areas of the body and brings pain relief and muscle relaxation. Massage is also used as a complementary therapy for clients struggling to cope with mental and behavioral health issues, including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD.


Some clients prefer good, old-fashioned strength and fitness training for the natural release of endorphins into their bodies. When integrated with a full continuum of care, fitness training can help clients avoid relapse by providing a healthy routine to join others pursuing a healthy lifestyle. It’s a wonderful substitute for addiction. In fact, many people get hooked on exercise and the goals they set for themselves. All BriteLife Recovery treatment centers offer state-of-the-art fitness centers that include modern cardio and strength training equipment.


We know through years of examination that nutrition plays a major role in overall health and wellbeing. While undernourishment is typical for the individual struggling with substance use disorder, it doesn’t have to stay the way. Upon admittance, clients receive a health evaluation. Nutrition is a big part of that! Clients are educated about different food groups and taught to optimize their food consumption. Moreover, they learn how to cook healthy meals for themselves by our licensed nutritionists.

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