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The Battlefield has Lingered with You

Due to the number of recent deployments, we now see so many veterans struggling with addiction.

You may have left the battlefield, but the battlefield has lingered with you regardless.

Despite how much time has passed, some things have never changed and have only gotten worse with age.

Unfortunately, addiction has been a silent cross to bear for many of our beloved veterans.

At BriteLife Recovery, we have specialized care for those who have served our country and need our help now.

Veterans and Addiction

The Veterans Affairs (VA) Department has been short-staffed and overwhelmed with patients.

With some of the worst-rated VA hospitals in the country operating in Atlanta and North Carolina, it can be nearly impossible to receive the help you need.

Recent data has shown that some of the worst veterans assistant care is in South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina.

Veterans and addiction management requires a level of care that some veteran hospitals are not prepared to meet.

Understanding Veterans and Addiction

If you are one of the many veterans struggling with addiction, you may feel your country has forgotten about you.

The physical and mental sacrifices you have made for your country may have left a lasting scar with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance abuse struggles.

Our team of professionals at BriteLife Recovery has not overlooked the losses of our veterans.

We have nationally accredited professionals who specialize in care for veterans and addiction treatment.

Over 500,000 U.S Troops who have served in our military have been diagnosed with PTSD at 30% or higher. These numbers are astronomically high, and the VA has been ill-equipped to manage veterans and addiction symptoms.

Let us be there to offer you the individualized care that you deserve.

Has Untreated PTSD Affected You?

Addictions vary from heavy drinking to smoking to engaging in the use of illicit drugs.

At BriteLife Recovery, we understand that engaging in this type of behavior is the only way you know how to cope with debilitating PTSD.

Thankfully, you have other options and do not have to rely on an ill-equipped VA or substance abuse to manage your dual diagnosis of PTSD and addiction.

Veterans struggling with addiction respond well to many forms of therapy that we provide targeting mental disorders and substance abuse.

With over 30 staff members and 15 treatments unique to our program, you are guaranteed to find the help you desperately need.

If you are in the surrounding areas but do not want to rely on your local veteran’s care center, look no further than BriteLife Recovery located in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

We are one of the nation’s top-rated treatment centers for veterans and addiction.

Effects of PTSD on Addiction

PTSD is a mental health problem that develops after experiencing trauma, such as combat or active duty related experiences.

According to verified psychologists, 1 out of 3 veterans struggling with addiction also suffer from PTSD.

Signs of addiction can include binge drinking and heavy smoking, among the use of other dangerous substances.

As a result of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, about 1 in 10 veterans have been treated for alcohol and drug use.

While these numbers seem disheartening, our experts practice innovative and effective treatments that encourage sobriety and mental wellness.

Finding a place of refuge has never been more accessible when discovering the rehabilitation options near the sandy beaches of Hilton Head.

Dual Diagnosis Among Veterans and Addiction

Do nightmares about what happened during combat keep you up at night?

Do you find yourself drinking in access to drown out the memories so you can continue to feel numb?

If the VA has already screened you for PTSD, you may already know that these are some of the classic symptoms you face when battling this mental disorder.

Veterans who experience addiction usually involve a dual diagnosis of PTSD or other undiagnosed mental health disorders resulting from their years in the service.

When you have PTSD, you may also suffer from other mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, and drug and alcohol abuse.

At BriteLife Recovery, dual diagnosis care can address the triggers that remind you of the events you have experienced while also managing your physical and mental dependency.

Finding Relief at BriteLife Recovery

You may be tired of relying on the VA to take your claim seriously or have been on the fence about finding the help you need.

If the guilt and blame that accompanies veterans and addiction difficulties have been disrupting your daily life, it may be time to seek dual diagnosis care.

Indeed, many mental health care professionals have not had to endure the trauma you have lived through and survived.

However, it does not mean that they cannot understand what you are going through or effectively manage your symptoms.

You may feel that you will never be ready for treatment as veterans struggling with addiction try to cope with the habits and PTSD alone for many years.

We want you to know that as soon as you decide to seek change, life can only get better with specific treatments for veterans struggling with addiction.

Unique Care for Our Veterans

Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy and Dual Diagnosis Treatment are the best forms of therapy for veterans struggling with addiction.

If you are suffering from a physical dependency, we will address these symptoms through detoxification, as it can be one of the most critical steps in your recovery.

Our experienced medical team will oversee your care in our inpatient facilities to ensure you receive the physical and psychological support you need.

We typically recommend an Inpatient Program, especially if you are traveling from neighboring states, such as North Carolina or Georgia, and do not need the added pressure of commuting.

When addressing dual diagnosis care, we combine traditional treatment methods and holistic cognitive care.

Therapies such as Cognitive Processing Therapy and Prolonged Exposure Therapy address your traumas, so you do not feel as though you need to be afraid of them anymore.

Aftercare Programs for Veterans and Addiction

Dual diagnosis care for PTSD and addiction does not end once you leave our facilities.

We want to ensure that you have continual support to meet your emotional and physical needs as a veteran.

We offer one-on-one counseling and family support for the families who have been affected by veterans struggling with addiction.

We want to make sure you have the help you need to prevent the possibility of relapse.

Continual care gives you the strength and tools you need to face your relapse triggers and avoid them.

Facilities for Our Veterans

Our residential programs are the perfect place to receive therapy when recovering from the strongholds of PTSD and addiction.

As our client and revered service member, you will receive only the best in the spa-like accommodations that will feel like a home away from home.

With amenities such as beach trips, swimming pools, and lake access, you will not be disappointed you decided to seek treatment.

Insurance for Veterans with Addiction

Veterans struggling with addiction have the option to choose between private and military-sponsored programs at BriteLife Recovery.

Our intake specialists will work with Tricare or a private form of insurance to work out the best treatment plan available to you.

Waiting on Veterans Affairs can be arduous and lengthy, which is why we do our best to move the process along as quickly as possible.

Once we verify your insurance, we will go over the treatment options within your available network.

Discovering Hope After Mental Warfare

Rated one of the best recovery programs in the Southeast, our association of professional experts at BriteLife Recovery is committed to specialized care for veterans and addiction.

One of the challenges facing veterans with addiction is the taboo misconception that it is a weakness to seek help as a soldier.

We can tell you from years of experience that we have touched the lives of many brave soldiers who had fallen victim to dual diagnosis challenges.

There is no need to suffer in silence any longer when you can discover all that a life of health and sobriety has to offer at BriteLife Recovery.

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