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Family Therapy for addiction in south carolina

Addiction is a family disease, which is fueled by secrecy and disgrace. Family therapy in South Carolina can help you learn the cause of your drug addiction or alcoholism. Relationships formed with family members are some the most fulfilling connections we will ever know. At times, they can also be the most difficult. Many in recovery have come to grasp that the sources of their addictions are intertwined with their familial relationships. Frequently, when a person has been battling addiction, connections to family and friends become closed. We will work alongside the client and their family to heal old wounds, let go of resentments, and establish a better road forward.

family therapy helps everyone heal

During active addiction, parents or siblings are often lied to, manipulated, and deceived. While addiction can lead to brain imbalances and behavioral changes, family members typically react to the situation without thinking through the bigger picture of addiction. However, without compassion and insight, healing cannot happen, which is why family participation during treatment can be pivotal. At BriteLife, families are given the option to join in telehealth family sessions, receive individualized therapy sessions, and become involved in the alumni program.

Regardless of the different ways the family unit changes, family therapy remains an important element of addiction treatment. In fact, studies show that behavioral health treatment that involves family therapy works better than care that does not, and when combined with one-on-one therapy, can mitigate dangerous relapse, improve medication management, and more.

Family sessions explore New Horizons

Family therapy requires every person in the family be held responsible for the solution. This is of utmost importance, even if the difficulty initially seems to have started with one person. By supporting everyone, family therapy bolsters each person, as well.

Family therapy in South Carolina will also help families to discover new ways to work together to create clear communication styles to solve family issues. Moreover, family therapy teaches teamwork and the notion that the family unit can and should work well for everyone. It also demonstrates how vital clear messaging is for the group. In this way, client families learn what prompts their behavior and how certain behaviors can affect the entire family. For example, when one person is battling addiction, they may be surprised to find out how their addiction has, in fact, affected the entire family. Then, the family can help find improved ways to help that person.

Family psychotherapists use an active participatory method for their therapy. Family members are typically given tasks to complete that will help them appreciate what is happening and their part in it. Adjustments in approach can be considered and the therapist will ensure all opinions are represented.

group Therapy for recovery

Family members can share their feelings about their loved one’s addiction, as well as any related behavioral problems. In this way, old behaviors are known, and new trust is achieved. In many ways, family therapy is a lot like group therapy. Family therapy in South Carolina is led by a licensed BriteLife psychotherapist, and all members are invited to attend and take part in the solution. At this point, things are put forth in a sensitive and meaningful way so healing can become the focus.

Additionally, family psychotherapists can provide support / help with:

  • Substance abuse.
  • Behavioral health issues.
  • Disagreements about money.
  • Sibling rivalry.
  • Family members with chronic health concerns.
  • Infidelity.
  • Divorce.
  • Worries over child custody.

Please don't sidestep addiction in your family. It does not go away on its own and can devastate families very swiftly. It needs to be treated with professional drug rehab services. Similarly, the family can be restored through our family therapy program.

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