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Good physical health requires more than just exercise. Nutrition is the fuel on which our bodies operate, which is why our addiction rehab focuses on the larger picture of health. This includes good nutrition, regular exercise, and overall wellbeing.

Nutrition is key during addiction recovery for two reasons: First, most in active addiction are typically malnourished or not eating a well-balanced diet. Second, eating substantial nutrients is essential for clients to handle the rigors of addiction recovery.

There are a number of ways in which good nutrition and increased water intake can help sustain recovery for someone addicted to drugs and alcohol. For example, we know through decades of research that nutrition plays a key role in overall wellbeing. However, during addiction, eating patterns can become sporadic and damaging. Some addicts may stop eating altogether for as long as they can. Others may binge or purge, possibly developing an eating disorder. Depending on age and health, some addicts even end up with failing hearts, livers or other organs. The bottom line is lack of nutrition or an unbalanced diet can wreak havoc on the body’s most important functions. Couple that with the destructive punishment of alcohol and drugs, and it’s not hard to understand how addiction has lowered American’s life expectancies.

Balanced Nutrition Will Help heal your body

It’s important for everyone to have healthy eating habits, but it’s essential for people who are recovering from a drugs or alcohol. Even limited addiction can take an enormous toll on the body as it is pushed to work overtime to remove toxic substances and defend itself against the harm they do. Realizing nutritional balance is crucial in restoring the harm addiction does to your body.

Lack of proper nutrition can affect sleep, mood, and injure your immune system–leading to significant health problems. Even a common cold can be more severe to someone in addiction. For this reason, clients need to learn about the importance of nutrition and what it means to their overall health. Once an understanding of the significance of nutrition is developed, clients often become more responsive to creating new eating habits. And once clients see and feel the results of better nutrition, they are inspired to do more.

Good Nutrition Never tasted so Good

A well-balanced diet is essential for clients taking their first steps toward a brighter and healthier life in recovery. At all our locations, BriteLife chefs create a gourmet dining experience that is not only delicious, but also conducive to healing and recovery. Our menu’s change daily, providing clients with dining options made with the finest and freshest ingredients (some from local purveyors). The upscale dining area also provides a relaxed setting for engaging with treatment peers while enjoying a meal together. At admission, our staff will document any allergies, restrictions, or food preferences with clients to ensure all meals are enjoyable, energizing, and safe. Recovery is not just about abstaining from drugs and alcohol; it requires a complete lifestyle change. BriteLife is determined to assist with that change in every possible way, including nutrition.

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