Sober Living

sober living

A critical step in your recovery

At BriteLife, clients can stay in a sober living residence for extended periods of time if needed, and are free to return to their pre-treatment routines such as working, shopping and other activities. Although the client has freedom, they still have a sense of structure and accountability that they would not otherwise have. This arrangement also helps develop healthy habits and encourages good decision making, both of which are essential for long-term sobriety.

The staff at BriteLife can also assist clients with finding employment, housing, and helping restore relationships that were once destroyed by substance abuse and addiction. If there are concerns about being able to live on your own immediately following treatment, or you prefer extra precautions, consider the sober living program at BriteLife.

Sober Living is a Team Sport

The drug and alcohol-free environment at BriteLife are foreseeable benefits of sober living. However, a lesser-known advantage relates to friendship and camaraderie. Studies have shown that those who have a strong social support system are more be likely to be successful in recovery. Sober living provides clients with a built-in social network all around them. Your housemates are also in recovery, so mutual understanding and support are always close by. Whether it’s a tough day or one to cheer on a sober milestone, your sober living friends will be there to partake in your journey. In fact, you are encouraged by people who have the same goals as you do! Those who are further along in recovery normally support newcomers.

Once a client has completed rehab and is ready to head back to their daily life, it is often best if they participate in a sober living program first. This allows the client to gradually transition back into public life at their own pace, while surrounded by a support team who is sharing the same experience. All clients should move at their own pace and in accordance with guidance from the BriteLife staff. This is the safest, healthiest, and smartest way to make the transition from recovery center to “the real world,” in order to further minimize the risk for relapse.

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