Partial Hospitalization


Partial hospitalization programs allow clients to receive intensive care while living offsite. Clients often transition into our partial hospitalization program after completing inpatient residential treatment. Our South Carolina PHP includes addiction therapy as well as co-occurring disorder treatment, as needed.

The South Carolina partial hospitalization rehab program offers more time in treatment than our outpatient program. It’s ideal for clients with a history of addiction and other co-occurring disorders. Our PHP on Hilton Head Island provides clients with structure and routine—vital components of a successful recovery plan. PHP therapy includes individual and group counseling sessions along with alternative and adventure therapies. The partial hospitalization program is designed to help clients establish a healthy balance between self-care and meeting the challenges and responsibilities of daily life. Clients enrolled in this program have access to private, on-site housing, as needed.

PHP is suited for many, but not all, clients. If any of the following apply to you, other programs at BriteLife may be more appropriate:

  • You need medical attention for another physical or mental health condition
  • You have not successfully completed detox
  • You have not completed inpatient treatment
  • You are suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms
  • You need constant structure and supervision to remain sober

In BriteLife’s partial hospitalization program, you’ll be medically monitored while in treatment and participate in a variety of evidence-based therapies. Our PHP program is designed to provide comprehensive care while still allowing you the freedom to live your life outside of residential treatment.

Partial Hospitalization Program in the Low country

Partial hospitalization is typically a 30-to-60-day program, based on each individual client’s needs. Upon admission, each client receives a thorough clinical and medical assessment. After that, they take a property tour, attend orientation, and receive a daily schedule. Each client will then meet with their individual therapist to discuss goals and develop a personalized addiction treatment plan. Finally, the client joins the other community clients and is immersed into our schedule of therapy and activities.

Each week consists of a full schedule of PHP treatment activities that include:


The total number of people entering addiction treatment who have experienced trauma-related issues has increased significantly over the last 10 years. Simply put, this indicates that a lot of people are self-medicating with alcohol and drugs to cope with their trauma issues. At BriteLife, many of our therapists have been taught trauma informed therapy. This implies knowing the role that trauma may play in addiction and working with the client to look at a “trauma” event more dispassionately, rather than passionately, to progress in their recovery.

Our psychotherapists are trained to ask questions and can decide when expert trauma-focused methods are required. Also, once clients have advanced to partial hospitalization, they are clear of withdrawal symptoms. Essentially, they can concentrate on themselves and tackle possible co-occurring disorders or trauma informed therapy.

Trauma informed therapy is useful for clients who have experienced a trauma event that has gone undetected. By participating in trauma informed therapy, clients can objectively move forward in their recovery.


In our South Carolina partial hospitalization program you’ll be staff-monitored while in treatment and take part in a variety of evidence-based treatments. The partial program is devised to provide comprehensive addiction treatment while permitting clients to live your life outside of treatment. If you need addiction help and are ready to take a first step toward a new life, then call BriteLife Recovery today at 866-470-2187.

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