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The South Carolina alumni program is a critical component to addiction recovery for each one of our clients. When our clients complete rehab we believe that it’s truly a commencement— a beginning! We draft our clients’ long-term recovery plan right from the beginning. In fact, the people you attend rehab with will instinctively be the beginning of your sober network. Even after completing our treatment modalities, our alumni group is available to provide inspiration, support, and assistance. Once your South Carolina rehab experience is complete, BriteLife’s continuing care programs are still here for you—locally, in-person, or via emerging telehealth.

Benefits of our south Carolina Alumni Program

Joining our alumni program doesn’t guarantee that you will stay sober, but it can help keep you accountable to your recovery peers. Our alumni identify themselves as being happy, peaceful, and grateful for our addiction treatment programs.

The BriteLife alumni program helps cultivate personal relationships that turn into bonds and sober support. Alumni who stay active and engaged in the recovery community always excel over those who remain on the sidelines. Most notably, it keeps alumni out of isolation and interested in sober activities.

Alumni Programs Support Long-term Sobriety

When clients complete our residential program and participate in the alumni group, they stay connected. The alumni program is designed to keep everyone connected through a central, private environment. Moreover, the same peer group who supported your recovery while in treatment are still there for you once the program is completed. For this reason, we manage a private, secure smartphone app to lead the group and facilitate engagement.

Our alumni coordinator will also help you locate and connect with local 12-step programs in your area. Likewise, they will provide important resources you can turn to for maintaining your recovery. The alumni program allows you to stay in touch with treatment staff no matter how far along you are in your sobriety. By keeping these connections whole, you can have the sustained support and care you need as you progress as a sober individual.

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