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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

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BriteLife Recovery is a substance abuse treatment facility in Hilton Head, South Carolina that provides customized and comprehensive care in a comfortable, upscale setting. Our alcohol and drug addiction recovery programs are created for each client’s specific needs and focus on improving overall well-being to help clients achieve sobriety and overcome addiction. With small staff-to-client ratios and skilled and experienced counselors and medical staff, clients have access to a full range of addiction recovery programs and therapies for a safe and healthy recovery.

BriteLife’s care model focuses not only on the body and mind but also the spirit. We adhere to the highest standards of care and use the latest evidence-based approaches to develop our addiction treatment programs. At BriteLife Recovery, clients receive world-class care in a luxurious setting.

1-on-1 Sessions

To effectively treat addiction, we must truly get to know our clients. Our team of counselors, medical personnel, and recovery professionals spends extensive time learning not only about an individual’s substance abuse but also the traits, experiences, and other factors that may have contributed to their dependency. One-on-one sessions are common throughout our program. They allow our staff to make more strategic assessments, and they can be a powerful therapy tool for clients.

Aftercare Programs

We care for our clients long after they leave our recovery center. Sobriety is a lifelong journey, and our commitment and support never end. Each client will face their own unique challenges once they complete addiction therapy. Our staff fully recognizes how difficult it can be to return home and re-enter the general community after addiction treatment. Our objective is to provide the tools clients need to live a happy, healthy life and prevent relapse. We work closely with each client to create a customized transition plan, develop goals, and anticipate potential problems and obstacles to long-term recovery.


For most people struggling with addiction, detox is a critical first step in the recovery process. Clients who are physically dependent on a substance or who have been unable to quit on their own because of psychological dependency will need to undergo detox. The process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on how long and how much a person has been using and other factors.

BriteLife employs an experienced medical team to administer and oversee the detox process. We do everything we can to keep clients as comfortable as possible throughout this important first stage.

Inpatient Rehab

The idea of leaving your home and moving into a residential recovery center can feel uncomfortable and risky, but failing to get the help you need is far more dangerous. Clients who participate in our inpatient substance abuse rehabilitation program will live on-site and receive dedicated treatment and assistance from the moment they are admitted through their aftercare stay. Our staff constantly assesses clients and adjusts their treatment plans as needed, depending on the client’s progress, condition, and addiction type.

Outpatient Treatment

At BriteLife, we personalize our rehab programs for drugs and alcohol to address each client’s specific needs and addiction. We typically recommend an intensive outpatient program (or IOP) as a component of a client’s overall treatment plan. Clients move into our IOP program once they’ve successfully completed a partial hospitalization program (PHP) or residential program at our facilities in Hilton Head, SC. The average intensive outpatient program is three to six weeks, with clients receiving treatment up to seven times per week.

Partial Hospitalization Program

A partial hospitalization program (or PHP) provides clients with the medical attention and care they’ll need to begin their journey toward recovery. Partial hospitalization is often the most effective treatment approach for clients with a history of addiction or other medical concerns. Many clients who have completed an inpatient or residential treatment program transition to a partial hospitalization program as part of the continuum of care. Our PHP program provides clients with structure and routine—vital components of a successful recovery plan.

Residential Programs

Many people struggle to get sober on their own. Those who have tried unsuccessfully to quit drugs or alcohol usually need help at a treatment facility. Leaving your home is never easy, especially when you’re in a vulnerable state, but if your goal is a better life, enrolling in a residential treatment program can dramatically improve your chances of a brighter future.

At BriteLife, clients enjoy private rooms with luxury accommodations and resort-style amenities. This includes upscale dining halls, pristine grounds with swimming pools and lake access, as well as beach trips. This healing environment is ideal for recovery.

Sober Living

Once a client has completed their treatment plan and is ready to assimilate back into the general community, sober living at our Hilton Head facility is often the best next step. Sober living programs allow for a more gradual transition into the community. Clients can usually resume work or school yet are still surrounded and supported by their sober peers. In sober living, clients typically continue attending individual/group/family therapy sessions.

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