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Substance Abuse Therapist Need for Hilton Head Treatment Center



BriteLife Recovery is a comprehensive substance abuse treatment facility similarly designed to existing high-end facilities yet is affordable enough for most Americans. The protocol is a unique opportunity for recovery and lifestyle change with a proven mind, body, and spirit approach, with experiential and customized to each patient’s needs. We will provide all this without the pitfalls of metropolitan areas and ease of access to narcotics or any mind-altering substances. This is the first site to offer a co-morbidity approach, blended with both proven 12-step and non-12-step intense therapy protocols to treatment. Utilizing the medical model and focusing on a truly medical/therapeutic approach to treating addiction and alcoholism. BriteLife will be the leader in the industry and will set a new standard for treatment and medical protocols at a higher level of client care than previously approached.


The Therapist is responsible for providing confidential addiction counseling, education and support to individuals, families, and the community, and for promoting healthy lifestyles and healthy choices. Under the supervision of a program director or clinical director, the Therapist will provide addiction services including, but not limited to, assessment, group, individual, and family sessions, and other modalities to clients and their families according to demonstrated competence.


  • Assessing clients using the ASI, CASI, or other standardized or evidence-based assessment tools and diagnosing clients for substance disorders using the DSM 5.
  • Obtaining previous records that are relevant to the current treatment episode.
  • Collaborating with the client to develop a written treatment plan that is client-centered and recovery oriented and includes goals and measurable objectives.
  • Providing the substance abuse counseling services specified in the client treatment plan.
  • Reviewing clients throughout the treatment episode according to ASAM, to determine the need for continued services or discharge/transfer.
  • Reviewing and, where necessary, revising the substance abuse counseling portion of the client treatment plan to address emerging problems.
  • Developing the client discharge/transfer plans to ensure movement to the appropriate levels of care.
  • Contacting referral sources, providing case consultation and coordination with referral sources (for example: mental health treatment providers, criminal justice agencies, schools, employers, Child Protection Services).
  • Participating as a member of a multidisciplinary team for assigned clients.
  • Providing active case consultation.
  • Documenting all counseling and education services, assessments, reassessments, referrals and follow-up in the client's clinical record, providing appropriate signatures and dating of such entries, including those made in electronic records.
  • Positively promotes BriteLife Recovery to prospective clients and employees.


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