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Specialized Addiction Treatment Programs

What are they?

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Our specialized programs are designed around your needs, whether you’re a teen, a professional or a veteran. We focus on your total health and wellness — body, mind and spirit. Our compassionate clinical care staff is committed to creating a healing experience that helps you build resilience for your recovery journey. Learn more about our specialized programs below.

Addiction Treatment for First Responders

Firefighters, police officers, paramedics and other first responders risk life and limb every day to keep the public safe. In the line of duty, they often face adrenaline-filled and frightening situations, and they may witness severe injuries, violence and cruelty in the course of their work. Physical pain from on-the-job injuries and psychological trauma increase a first responder’s risk of substance abuse and addiction. Our addiction treatment center for first responders is designed to address the risks and challenges first responders face.

Addiction Treatment for Seniors

While seniors are less likely to use substances than the general population, substance use disorders among this group are on the rise. One in 10 seniors engages in binge drinking, and alcohol consumption is increasing among seniors, generally. Seniors are more likely to have chronic pain, mobility issues, and be socially isolated. These things put them at greater risk for developing a substance use disorder. Our alcohol and drug treatment programs for older adults and seniors provide personalized care among a community of peers with similar life experiences.

Addiction Treatment for Students

Teens and young adults are especially vulnerable to addiction and relapse. Developmental changes in the brains of teens and young adults make them more vulnerable to high-risk behaviors and addiction. BriteLife has developed a specialized addiction treatment program for students based on the latest science and evidence-based practices. BriteLife Recovery is regarded as one of the best addiction treatment centers for college students.

Addiction Treatment for Veterans & Military

Substance abuse is a growing problem among veterans, especially prescription drug abuse and addiction. Veterans suffer physical and psychological injuries at higher rates than the general population. What begins as prescribed use of pain or anti-anxiety medications can evolve into dependency and addiction. Our specialized substance abuse and alcohol addiction programs for military and veterans have been thoughtfully designed with the needs of military service members in mind.

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