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The holiday season can be a fun time to savor family, friends, and community. There is so much capacity for joy, but many people battle through it instead. Family gatherings can bring on stress, no doubt about it! In fact, Drinking and substance use can increase as much as 150 percent during the holiday season. Thus, making it a dangerous time of year if you are in recovery or if you are struggling to stop your substance use disorder. However, the holidays are one of the best times to go to addiction treatment. Instead of making things worse for yourself (and family), you can take a courageous step and go to rehab during the holidays. You will avoid all the stress and damage the holidays can do, and instead put your health and wellbeing to the front of the line. Need more convincing? Here are three top reasons to consider:

1. Recovery is the Best Gift of All!

We like to think of the holidays as a time of peace, joy, and family. However, if you are incapable to give back to family and friends because of your substance use, think about giving yourself as the gift. The gift of recovery! Going to rehab for the holidays will help you turn things around instead of another holiday skid. The fact is to overcome chronic drug abuse or drinking requires you to admit into inpatient addiction treatment. Instead of creating more harm to yourself and continued fear and uncertainty for your family, you’ll be able start 2023 sober and free with rehab during the holidays.

2. The Holidays Are an Obstacle Course of Triggers

Triggers will always be a matter for someone in recovery from alcohol and drugs. A trigger is anything that provokes a craving for a drink or a drug.  The brain learns to relate certain things or feelings with the “high” felt when using a substance.

The most common triggers for addiction include people, places, and things, or they could be tricky emotions which are everywhere during the holiday season. From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, you will witness holiday drinking, and this can be a gigantic trigger. Destructive feelings that happen from seeing particular family members or an old girlfriend / boyfriend from high school. You know the feeling. Going to rehab during the holidays now will get you to a safe, secure place to unpack those feelings as you heal and recover from addiction.

3. Rehab Is an Investment for Holiday Season 2023

There was a time when you enjoyed the holidays. Family traditions, gift giving, and mom making you wear that silly sweater from grandma.

School and work seem to come to a standstill, and everyone is full of smiles and happiness. However, if you have been drinking or using, the holidays have become an internal struggle of the enemy within. However, you can get back to that place, but it will take a medical detox and inpatient treatment.

By going to rehab during the holidays, you have invested this ONE holiday season for ALL the others in the future. Residential addiction treatment will teach you how to live a sober, healthy lifestyle, how to manage triggers, and what to do when they pop up. If you want to enjoy the holidays forward, then put in the work now. Your future self will thank you. Waiting until next year will only put you through another tough and potentially dangerous holiday season.

The best time to go to rehab is when you are ready to do give it your best. If you have been considering treatment, the holiday season can be just the nudge you need. Inpatient addiction detox and treatment will help you heal physically and emotionally while getting you on the road to recovery. Rehab during the holidays is a great holiday idea!

About BriteLife Recovery
BriteLife Recovery is a national provider of addiction treatment for adult men and women. With a focus on total health and wellness, BriteLife offers individualized substance use disorder programs that are centered on client choice and collaboration. The company operates luxury treatment centers in Hanover, PA and Hilton Head, SC.

About the Author
Matthew Koenig is the principal of Last Call Marketing, which devotes their efforts to Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Website Design and SEO, primarily in healthcare and tourism concerns. Mr. Koenig is based out of South Florida and is in long-term recovery.

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