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Partial Hospitalization Program

PHP Rehab

You may be in the early stages of a detox program, or you could be looking for answers for your addiction problem and have not found them yet.

With a partial hospitalization program (PHP), you can receive the intensive care you need while staying away from enticements fueling your addiction.

When you expose yourself to the same surroundings, same friends, and relapse triggers, it can be hard to let go of habits and start anew.

It is often easier to challenge yourself and make new resolutions when you are in a new environment.

It can help you to recover and rediscover an independent, addiction-free path by committing to PHP rehab.

At BriteLife Recovery, we offer specialty programs for various disorders, including trauma care, dual diagnosis treatment, and alcohol and drug addiction treatment.


Partial Hospitalization Program BriteLife Recovery - A man struggling with alcohol abuse and drug addiction sits outside drinking while contemplating entering a treatment program to get help with his addiction, such as a partial hospitalization program (PHP).

Partial Hospitalization in a Vacation Spot

Find yourself and overcome your addiction obstacles with PHP rehab at BriteLife Recovery in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

With approximately 2.5 million vacationers a year, we are the ideal location to find the fresh start you need.

Our luxury facility is easily accessible from many nearby areas, including Georgia and North Carolina.

If recovering in the same place you call home does not entice you to start or complete recovery, perhaps discovering sobriety in a new location will.

With our program, we seek to provide an experience that feels more like a retreat and less like rehabilitation.

We effectively treat your addiction with a blend of holistic treatments to take you toward your final steps to recovery.

Dependable PHP Treatment

Even though we want you to enjoy yourself and explore the natural habitat of Hilton Head, we are also committed to offering you valuable and effective care. Some of the nation’s best intensive therapy for addiction psychiatry and physical detoxification can be found from our experts at BriteLife Recovery.

Our PHP rehab provides you with the encouragement you need and motivational interviewing, mindful-based training, and positive reinforcement.

Before transitioning to PHP rehab, our experts recommend inpatient residential treatment to provide the best rehabilitation opportunity.

If you have already completed this part of your journey at another location, we can take over the therapy designed specifically for you.

Our program is ideal for clients ready to continue their battle with addiction but are not quite prepared to handle addiction challenges independently.

The partial hospitalization program at BriteLife Recovery is a chance to grow mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Continuing the Path to Sobriety

Not all partial hospitalization programs are created equal, and it is imperative to find one that motivates you to stay on the path to recovery.

You may be looking to experience a customized approach to PHP treatment without all the temptations of a busy urban area. In that case, our partial hospitalization program might be the opportunity you need.

With resort-like amenities such as Reiki Therapy, Tai-Chi, and yoga, we are optimistic that committing to our partial hospitalization program will be a welcome vacation.

Aside from our amenities, we offer a blend of proven intense therapy treatments that can provide you the stability you need to challenge your addiction.

Finding the Best Treatment for You

At BriteLife Recovery, our partial hospitalization program offers more intensive therapy and opportunities for treatment than our outpatient programs.

If you have recently detoxed and are concerned about falling prey to relapse triggers, you may need a deeper attention level.

Through a combination of treatment options such as 1-on-1 sessions, cognitive behavioral therapy, and advanced medical administration, we are dedicated to helping you achieve healthy self-care.

PHP treatment can provide the structure and routine necessary for you to feel comfortable managing your sobriety independently.

Our Hilton Head Island location offers experiences through unique treatment options such as adventure therapy and spiritual counseling all while receiving medically monitored care.

With our PHP treatment, we will help you reestablish the confidence you need to remain sober and free you entirely from physical dependence.

Partial Hospitalization Programs for Optimal Recovery

Substance abuse disorders can be both physical and mental addictions.

It is hard to address one aspect of addiction without the other, possibly causing you to fall back into old and destructive habits.

As part of our partial hospitalization programs, we offer cognitive-behavioral therapies and mindful-based treatments that help you confront your addictions’ realities.

Once you understand your disease and how it is affecting you, it is easier to let go of old ways that have been destroying your life.

Our mental health experts will practice techniques to help you find new ways to embrace sobriety by changing previous thought patterns.

Our intensive approach to PHP treatment allows you to participate in treatment sessions and our local lifestyle while still returning home at night.

How BriteLife Recovery’s Partial Hospitalization Program Works

Our partial hospitalization program is designed for short-term treatment, although we offer continual care through aftercare programs.

We provide specialized PHP treatment for students and adults who need a hybrid rehabilitation plan that requires a certain level of manageability.

When you become a BriteLife Recovery client, you will have access to private, on-site housing at our Swan Lake Recovery. Depending on your treatment plan, you will receive individual and group therapy sessions and skill-building practices during a typical day.

We also have highly trained psychiatrists who will conduct periodic evaluations and handle medication management if needed.

You can take breaks during the day to experience the amenities that BriteLife Recovery has to offer. Beach trips, lake access, and a swimming pool are just a few of the luxuries we provide at our Hilton Head Island location.

You can also wind down and relax with options such as golf, gym access, and gourmet meals.


Partial Hospitalization Program BriteLife Recovery - A young man is engaging in a 1-on-1 counseling session as part of his partial hospitalization program (PHP) to help him break free from drug addiction.

Cost of PHP Treatment

BriteLife Recovery offers a comprehensive partial hospitalization program that is designed to afford the luxuries of high-end facilities.

At the same time, the cost of PHP treatment can be affordable for most income levels.

The price of PHP treatment will depend on your chosen insurance or payment options available to you.

When you contact our admissions staff, we will confirm whether your type of insurance is covered.

Most insurance companies do cover addiction rehab costs; however, it is best to contact your provider to verify.

No matter your insurance plan, we will help you find a partial hospitalization plan that can work within your options.

Choosing BriteLife Recovery for PHP Rehab

If you read our client reviews, you can see that we have been able to provide meaningful and successful treatments for people who had given up on sobriety through many failed attempts.

Let us make you another success story through comprehensive care and a dedicated staff of seasoned professionals.

Whether you are suffering from a dual diagnosis of depression and drug addiction or an anxiety disorder that has you addicted to benzodiazepines, we can help.

Success is never found through blocking out the pain by numbing your senses through addiction.

Give our addiction specialists a call today.

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