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Daniel Riggs

Daniel Riggs

Clinical Therapist (LCSW)

Daniel is a licensed clinical social worker who has helped individuals cope with trauma, emotional and physical abuse, grief and loss, anxiety, substance use, depression and personality disorders. He has extensive experience in both private practice and agency settings.

Daniel has a passion for helping those in need, especially those who have not sought assistance due to fear of being stigmatized or lack of resources — or both. Much of Daniel’s treatment strategy is rooted in his belief that there is a strong connection between substance use and other mental health issues, and he uses a holistic approach that focuses on the individual challenges faced by each client while finding opportunities to utilize their strengths to aid in recovery.

After receiving a master’s degree in social work in 2009, Daniel began working in residential treatment centers with teenagers involved in the juvenile justice system. He then worked with victims of abuse and helped individuals deal with grief and loss in a Hospice setting. Daniel also spent three years in a private practice setting, helping individuals of all ages deal with mental health, relationship and substance-related challenges.

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