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Good health entails more than just working out. The food we consume is the energy on which our body’s function. Which is why we always hear the phrase “diet and exercise.” Our South Carolina rehab concentrates our energies on the larger picture of health. This includes solid nutrition, routine exercise, and overall wellbeing. Nutrition is key during the initial days of recovery for two reasons: First, most in active addiction are usually malnourished. Second, eating important nutrients is essential for energy for clients to handle the rigors of addiction recovery.

There are several ways in which a proper diet and increased water intake can support the recovery for someone addicted to drugs and alcohol. For instance, we know through years of research that nutrition plays a key role in feeling well. Some addicts may even stop eating altogether for as long as they can. At the same time, others may develop an eating syndrome like binge and purge. Also, depending on age and health, some addicts end up with damaged vital organs. Bottom line, lack of nutrition or an unhealthy diet can harm the body’s most important functions. Couple that with the destructive power of substances, and it’s not hard to realize how addiction has lowered American’s life expectancy.


A well-balanced diet is essential as you take the first steps toward a brand new you. At BriteLife South Carolina, our chefs create a culinary experience that is not only appetizing, but also helpful to healing and recovery. Our menu’s change daily, providing clients with dining selections made with fresh ingredients (some from local growers). The upscale dining area also provides a comfortable setting for socializing with rehab peers while enjoying a meal.

During the intake process, our staff will record any allergies, restrictions, or food favorites to ensure all meals are enjoyable, energizing, and safe. Recovery is not just about refraining from drugs or alcohol. It involves a lifestyle change, and our staff is resolved to assist with that in every possible way, including nourishment.

To learn more about nutritional counseling and other holistic programs, please reach out to us at 866-470-2187. Addiction doesn't get better on its own and one call can change your life.

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