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April Is National Alcohol Awareness Month

This month, we turn our focus to the reality of alcohol addiction and abuse in the United States. By educating the public and drawing attention to research efforts and alcohol rehab options, observers hope to further the cause of battling alcoholism and end the stigma that surrounds it.


From Humble Beginnings

Alcohol Awareness Month was first introduced in 1987 by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence as an effort to educate college students and other young adults on the risks of excessive drinking. Over the years, its scope has expanded to include individuals of all ages and backgrounds.


What You Can Do to Observe Alcohol Awareness Month

Here’s how you can observe and contribute to alcohol awareness month this year:

  • Talk to friends and loved ones about alcohol abuse
  • Participate in “Alcohol-Free Weekend” (generally the first weekend of April¹)
  • Limit your alcohol consumption and keep track of how much you really drink
  • If you work in healthcare, talk to patients about alcohol addiction
  • If you struggle with alcohol or know someone who does, take action to get help

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