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In-State vs. Out-of-State Rehab

Leaving Behind Vices and Triggers

Leaving home to go rehab can be one of the most liberating and freeing experiences when you have spent so long trying to hide your addiction.


When choosing a rehab experience, considering an out-of-state rehabilitation center might be the right option when trying to break ties with situations that fuel your addiction.


According to studies, destructive living environments can hinder rehabilitation even for the most motivated individuals trying to refrain from substance abuse.


When leaving home to go to rehab, you are also leaving behind vices and triggers, giving you a head start tackling addiction with a revitalized sense of purpose.


Building a new sober social support network combined with innovative and evidence-based treatment can give you the motivation you need to find your path to sobriety.


At BriteLife Recovery, we provide several opportunities to bond with other clients through adventure therapies unique to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.


Leaving Home to Go to Rehab

Once you realize that addiction has taken over your life, leaving home to go to rehab becomes an option that many can benefit from to break free from their addictions.


Taking this step can be extremely difficult, especially when you feel like you leave behind your kids, spouse, friends, and/or your job.


However, making this decision can be one of the best things you ever do for yourself and your loved ones.


When you look back over your life, the short-term sacrifice of entering an out-of-state rehab facility is a small cost to pay for a healthier and happier version of you.


Turning your life around will help build the respect, trust, and relationship foundations that may have been lost due to a substance abuse disorder.


When deciding to move forward with treatment, the first decision you will have to make is whether you want to attend in-state or out-of-state rehab.


In State vs Out of State Rehab BriteLife Recovery - A woman is packing a suitcase as she is leaving home to go to rehab for a change of scenery to avoid any triggers that remind her of her drug and alcohol use.


Things to Consider When Opting for Out-of-State Rehabilitation Centers

Leaving home to go to treatment can ultimately mean the difference between successfully completing treatment and leaving therapy prematurely.


Patients discharged against medical advice have a higher risk of readmission to the emergency room and a higher mortality rate among those who did not complete treatment.


Reduce your risk of relapse or a fatal overdose by choosing an out-of-state drug rehab.


BriteLife Recovery is only a short distance from many cities in the Southeast but far enough away to where it is easier to commit to your stay.


Fighting drug addiction can be challenging, but our nationally accredited professionals provide the emotional, medical, and psychological support to encourage treatment.


BriteLife Recovery's world-class facility, professionals, and treatment methods are accredited by the DHEC, NAATP and verified by Psychology Today.


Leaving Home for Rehab Provides Privacy

Some people do not consider getting help because they are fearful it could harm their reputation if word gets out that they are receiving addiction treatment. This is especially true with small towns, such as Savannah or Rincon, where even grocery shopping can be difficult without running into someone you know.


If you seek anonymity with an out-of-state rehabilitation center, why not visit the #1 island in the U.S?


Leaving home to go to rehab provides you all you need with nationally recognized treatments in a refreshing new environment.


BriteLife Recovery offers the full continuum of care with inpatient detox treatment, residential programs, sober living options, partial hospitalization programs, and aftercare continual therapy.


How to End the Cycle of Addiction

Aside from chemical dependency, many environmental factors could be stoking your addiction to drugs.


What induces people to use drugs could be determined by different factors.


Suppose you are trying to break free from your addiction issues. A new environment may be the right option for you to avoid surrounding yourself with reminders of your previous drug or alcohol use, like bars, restaurants, or nightclubs.


Start fresh in a beautiful atmosphere and make sobriety a top priority.


Better Treatment Options When Leaving Home to Go to Rehab

Even though you appreciate many things about your hometown, the treatment options available to you may not be what you need.


When your highs are higher, and your lows are hitting rock bottom, finding the right out-of-state rehabilitation center is imperative for your long-term recovery.


BriteLife Recovery exceeds expectations with our focus on intensive therapy and mindful-based treatments for clients.


Diagnostic experts will address your addiction and provide any dual diagnostic care if you suffer from an undiagnosed mental health disorder, as well.


Our recommended combination of medically-supervised practices and mindfulness-based treatments will depend on your drug dependency level and overall health.


We help reach your goals of sobriety and independence through all manners of addiction treatment, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy where appropriate.


Often, underlying mental health conditions are either the root cause of or a result of substance abuse disorder.


Because we believe that wellness is discovered by addressing addictive behaviors and changing old thought patterns, our specialists emphasize one-on-one care.


Our experts help you challenge your addiction from all angles.


Does Insurance Cover Out-of-State Rehab?

Out-of-state rehabilitation centers can become costly if the facility has limited coverage options. At BriteLife Recovery, we work with several insurance providers, so leaving home to go to rehab does not have to break the bank.


We accept most major insurances, including Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, MulitPlan, Magellan Health, Tricare, Zelis, and First Health.


Out-of-state drug rehab costs will vary based on your treatment options and what your insurance company is willing to pay.


No matter your coverage options, we will ensure you receive the care you need without sacrificing quality.


To get a full explanation of your benefits and treatment options, contact our intake specialists so they can verify your insurance information.


For your added convenience, you can also fill out a form online to find out your benefits.


Leaving Addiction Behind

When leaving home for addiction treatment, our expert staff will implement a structured program designed specifically for you.


Aside from medical treatment and cognitive therapy, we believe that exercise and holistic treatment is just as crucial to providing a full spectrum of care.


At BriteLife Recovery, we provide healthy activities that allow you to experience adventure therapy unique to our area.


Conveniently located on Swan Lake, our clients have the luxury of participating in adventure therapies such as kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. Challenge a fellow client who is on their path to sobriety in a game of tennis or basketball. Find inner peace with yoga classes, guided meditation, spiritual counseling, or art therapy.


Your next meal is always freshly prepared with choices such as grilled tri-tip, southern pulled pork sandwiches, and other gourmet options. With beach trips, hiking trails, and equine therapy, you will experience all the benefits that coastal Hilton Head island has to offer you.


In State vs Out of State Rehab BriteLife Recovery - A group of individuals are partaking in a hike as part of their adventure therapy that is included in their addiction treatment program from leaving home to go to rehab.


Rediscovering Sobriety at BriteLife Recovery

Stress and addiction will put your health and well-being in jeopardy, especially when you surround yourself with the wrong people and environments.


While you might not always be able to change your environment permanently, you do have the option of leaving home to go to rehab.


By changing your surroundings and embracing the full benefits of treatment, you can receive the help you deserve and gain a fresh perspective on life without addiction.


Our addiction specialists can equip you with the tools you need to return home and manage your triggers effectively during your stay.


Our goal at BriteLife Recovery is to offer innovative forms of treatment with recovery strategies that will help you progress towards a healthier, more productive future.


We will be there to guide you through each developmental milestone mentally and physically so you can plan for a successful recovery.

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