In the drug and alcohol rehabilitation field, an “enabler” is the term used for an individual close to an addict—usually a close relative or friend—who inadvertently encourages their substance abuse. They do this by shielding the addict from the consequences of their drug or alcohol consumption. They give the addict money for alcohol, conceal drug paraphernalia from others, or simply ignore it when their loved one decides to shoot up in the house. These are just a few of the ways that enablers, willingly or not, end up making matters worse for their loved one.

BriteLife Recovery’s free ebook Are You an Enabler? discusses the types of harmful behaviors that are commonly found in enablers and why these actions are far less “helpful” than they seem. Common enabler behavior that is covered in the ebook includes the following:

  • Helping your loved one create alibis for their erratic behavior
  • Agreeing with your loved one that “just a few drinks” isn’t a serious problem
  • Paying their bills when their addiction makes it difficult for them to earn money

Telling them you’ll refuse to help them out anymore—but never following through.

This eBook is FREE. To download Signs of Relapse in Your Loved One, simply press the download button below.


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Signs of Relapse in Your Loved One Ebook

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