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Heroin is one of the most addictive and lethal drugs in the world. It is associated with over 65,000 deaths per year in the U.S. alone. According to the CDC, " opioids like heroin are currently the main driver of drug overdose deaths. 72.9% of opioid-involved overdose deaths involve synthetic opioids.

Heroin effectively targets the brain’s pleasure centers, providing users with a euphoric sensation. Over time and with continued use, a person needs more of the drug to achieve the same effect, and they can develop a tolerance. Too often this leads to overdose. However, intensive rehab at our South Carolina heroin addiction treatment center can change your life. Our beautiful Hilton Head Island location offers a full continuum of opioid use disorder treatment.

According to the National Institute of Health, "heroin use is driven by low cost and high availability." This is especially true since politicians and regulators began curbing prescription pain relievers. Heroin can be found most anywhere and is more deadly than ever before since the advent of the "Fentanyl" age.

signs of heroin addiction

Heroin abuse is not always obvious, especially in the early days. Some signs your friend or loved one may be using heroin include nodding out, having visible track marks, small pupils, or having drug paraphernalia around (spoons, needles, pipes, or tourniquets).

They may also have unexplained health problems, or you may notice that your loved one is irritable, sweats heavily for no reason, or has unexplained bouts of nausea and vomiting. Heroin dependency can happen very quickly. These are all symptoms that you or a loved one should consider South Carolina heroin addiction treatment.

Physical symptoms of heroin use can include:
  • Dry mouth
  • Flushed skin
  • Itching
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Irritability
  • Slow breathing
  • Loss of control
  • Constricted pupils

Side Effects of Heroin Use

Side effects of using heroin can be life-altering. They range from paranoia, mood swings, weight loss, and itchiness to lung, heart, liver and kidney disease. Heroin abuse also puts a person at greater risk of contracting hepatitis and HIV and of developing vascular failure.

Heroin is an extremely destructive drug to both the body and mind. It poses a serious risk to a person’s health and overall wellbeing. Detoxing from heroin is usually very difficult, and withdrawal symptoms can be intense. Fear of painful withdrawal symptoms is one of the most common reasons people are afraid to quit or seek help from a heroin rehab facility.


Heroin addiction is treatable and treatment options at BriteLife Recovery in Hilton Head consist of traditional talk therapy combined with medication-assisted treatment (MAT). We also strategically integrate other holistic wellness programs that get clients on the road to recovery and wellbeing.

Group Therapy

One-on-One Therapy

Gender Group Therapy

Co-Occurring Disorder

Nutritional Counseling

Adventure Therapy

Motivational Interviewing

Trauma Informed Therapy

Family Therapy

Medication assisted treatment for Heroin

Medication assisted treatment (MAT) is the medically supervised use of medication to treat heroin addiction. The majority of research indicates that MAT is proven to be the gold standard for heroin addiction, significantly outperforming conventional forms of addiction therapy that depend on counseling alone.

It’s important to note that clients don’t need to stick to one methodology forever. For example, many clients use Suboxone or other buprenorphine products during treatment and early recovery.  Over time, they discover that they no longer need the medication and taper off under doctor supervision. At BriteLife, we help clients battling substance use disorders by tailoring their treatment to achieve a positive outcome.

While many South Carolina heroin addiction treatment providers only prescribe medication, BriteLife uses doctor-dispensed medication in tandem with psychotherapy to generate the best results. This is a more effective and responsible approach in combating heroin addiction. If you or someone you know is struggling with heroin addiction, please reach out to BriteLife Recovery at 866-470-2187. Our heroin addiction counselors are available to provide confidential assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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