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At BriteLife Recovery, we are excited and proud of our ever-growing network of insurance providers and partners. Recovery is personal for our team, and our mission will forever be to help eliminate addiction. We can only accomplish this by delivering treatment and care for those suffering from addiction, while providing education about the dangers and risks and substance use and abuse.

Our partners help us in this mission by making such treatment, care and education more affordable and available. It is important that all who need help are able to get it, and together with our network of insurance providers, we can help so many take the first step toward a brighter life.

Drug and alcohol abuse can negatively impact your life and the lives of those who love you. More importantly, once substance abuse turns into dependence and addiction, quitting can seem like an overwhelming, and even impossible feat, especially without the help of professionals.

At BriteLife, we work with BlueCross BlueShield to ensure you receive the appropriate care and treatment you deserve to achieve lasting recovery. Our medical team and treatment staff are dedicated to making sure you receive a treatment plan that is customized to your specific needs for recovery. We provide the guidance, support and tools you need to live a happy life free of drugs and alcohol.

At BriteLife, our admissions team will contact a client’s insurance company on their behalf to get the necessary information about their coverage. This allows us to quickly evaluate a client and create a customized plan that is designed to get the best possible results and achieve long-term sobriety.


Does BlueCross BlueShield cover addiction rehab?

For those struggling with addiction, it seems like there is no way out. However, help is available. Unfortunately, many don’t seek treatment because they don’t know if their insurance will cover the cost of rehab. BriteLife Recovery eliminates the stress and guesswork, as we accept most major insurance providers, including BlueCross BlueShield.

If you are insured through BlueCross BlueShield, our staff will review your plan and explain the coverage process with you.

Individual and family plans

BlueCross BlueShield offers several plans that cater to both individuals and families. Each plan offers a different level of coverage.

Below are the individual and family plans are offered by BlueCross BlueShield:

  • Bronze Plan: With this plan, you can expect up to 60% of your rehab expenses to be covered. This plan has the lowest monthly fees, but with higher deductibles — funds you must pay first before medical coverage is provided. Premiums on this type of plan are usually the lowest. One you meet your deductible, coverage amounts vary but are usually around 60% of each bill.
  • Silver Plan: This plan covers about 70% of your rehab expenses. Monthly fees are higher than with the Bronze Plan but deductibles are lower.
  • Gold Plan: This plan provides coverage for up to 80% of your treatment expenses. Your deductible will be lower but your premiums will likely be much higher. You will get up to 80% of your medical bills paid once you meet your deductible. This is one of BlueCross BlueShield’s most popular plans.
  • Platinum Plan: Your platinum plan covers about 90% of your rehab cost. Deductibles are the lowest with this plan but it has the highest monthly payment.


How do I verify my insurance?

Trying to understand insurance coverage can be confusing, stressful and overwhelming, especially when you are not feeling your best or struggling with the effects of addiction. It is equally difficult if you are trying to review and determine the details of a policy of a loved one who you are trying to get help.

At BriteLife, we will reach out to a client’s insurance provider to discuss the details of their coverage. There is no added cost for this, as we want to ensure that all who need help are able to get it. even if you are able to contact your provider, it’s a good idea to have an admissions professional reach out on your behalf, as they have experience dealing with these situations and will know the best questions to ask to ensure the best care for each client.

Have questions about your coverage?

Our admissions team is here for you and able to answer any questions you may have regarding your BlueCross BlueShield coverage. Don’t let uncertainty stop you from getting the help you deserve.

Verify your insurance online.

All information is confidential. We are here for you and ready to help.

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