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The BriteLife team recognizes the importance of not only incorporating a variety of methods into their treatment plans, but also the need to learn about the individuals they are trying to help. This makes it possible to design customized and comprehensive plans that promote safety, healthy and successful outcomes. The team connects with their clients and develops relationships built on trust, respect and compassion.

I was at the lowest point I’d ever been — living without electricity in a cockroach-infested apartment and was hurting mentally, physically and spiritually. I wanted help but didn’t know how to stop. I made a phone call to Mitch and he helped me  immediately. From getting me into an appropriate detox and treatment center to cleaning out my apartment, Mitch went above and beyond, simply because I asked him for help. He even drove me there on more than one occasion. I was admitted to treatment the same day. I had a great experience at the treatment center he placed me at and also his sober living facility. I truly don’t know if I would still be clean today if it wasn’t for him. I have rebuilt all my relationships with my family, have worked for the same company for over two years, and went back to school. My life has truly been transformed, and I am extremely grateful for the life I live today.


I've had to make a lot of tough choices and life decisions during my sobriety, and Mitch has always been the one person I run things by before I act. He helps make sure my head is in the right place, and he is in this position because he wants to help. I continued having success after leaving the sober living house and Mitch called me and invited me to come back to work as a behavioral health technician. I accepted and have since been able to take the help Mitch once gave and use it to provide support and compassion for other addicts.

Former Client & Current Team Member

Today is my son’s 34th birthday. I believe he is alive, well and celebrating because of God’s grace and Mitch Baumann. As a parent himself, Mitch knows what it means to love unconditionally, and has taken this love out into the world. His professionalism, mixed with his passion, inspiration, discipline, empathy and compassion to help those that are lost in the throes of addiction is remarkable. He saw the greatness in my son and helped him achieve self-worth. My son has blossomed into the man I always knew he could be. Mitch is a servant of God, humble, and a true man of integrity. I pray that many more will have the opportunity to know him and be blessed by his work and passion to make each life one worth living.

Mother of a Client

Mitch has saved my life twice. He has been a Godsend filled with guidance and wisdom. When I realized he could overcome substance abuse, I knew I could, too. Because of our ongoing communication, Mitch helps with any obstacle that comes my way. Mitch is the best in his field and no one could do it better, in my opinion. To care about clients the way he does is a gift to the world and to me.


Andrew Gautsch has an amazing ability to make people feel comfortable and at ease almost immediately. His compassion and warmth were instrumental in getting my life back on track, and his strength and conviction have enabled me to stay that way. I could not be more grateful for the positive influence and confidence he instilled in me, and I’m sure he has done so for countless others along the way.  

Mike T.

I’m a recovering addict coming up on two years of sobriety. One of my greatest supporters on my road of recovery has been Mitch Baumann. I met him when I was in a recovery house and he became one of the best positive male role models to enter my life. He walked what he talked in every way. He didn’t preach at me like many people did. He simply told me his experience and offered solid advice on how to handle day-to-day life decisions. Mitch has never given up on anyone. I’ve watched Mitch countless times go to bat for his clients when they relapsed, and he got them back into a program. Mitch uses the tools he was blessed with in recovery to help others. I am forever grateful to have met him and to have his continued support in my life. Mitch believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.


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