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Leading you out of the darkness and into the light

At BriteLife Recovery, we understand the power of addiction. It is a disease, and without help and proper action, the effects are devastating and, oftentimes, tragic. BriteLife Recovery is a comprehensive substance abuse treatment facility and our staff is comprised of addiction specialists and medical professionals who have a genuine concern and compassion for those we treat, and have a profound understanding of the methods, techniques and therapies that are needed to maximize successful recoveries. Some members of our leadership team, including our founder, has overcome addiction, which makes BriteLife more than just a treatment facility — it’s a personal mission. Having a directing understanding of the intricacies of addiction also provides our team with a true sense for what does and does not work. There are no templated, one-size-fits-all approaches at BriteLife Recovery. Every addiction is different, as is every individual who walks through the door. Our clients need and deserve more than a treatment that will get them sober. They need the educational resources that will keep them sober. That requires a wide variety of medical and mental health evaluations, medications as necessary, one-on-one and group therapies, activities and other customized-care techniques that are designed to improve physical, mental and spiritual well-being. This includes dual diagnosis and treatment of any co-occurring disorders, as the mental and emotional effects may play a role in addiction. Clients will forever be part of the BriteLife family, and we want the absolute best long-term success for all we treat. That is our mission, and it is personal.

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