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A Note From Our Founder

Mitch Baumann

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

There is no magic pill when it comes to substance-abuse recovery. The only true way to position yourself for successful and long-term sobriety is through a plan created to address your specific needs and addiction, and hard work. We know it is not easy. But we also know that it is possible.

For me, recovery is personal. I lost my brother and several close friends to addiction. My mission is to spare others the pain caused by this disease and offer customized solutions to overcome and defeat it. I have had the privilege of running multiple recovery centers over the past 20 years, and I have learned from each experience. Working closely with addiction professionals, medical personnel, psychiatrists and therapists, we have developed a program that incorporates what works well and eliminates that which does not.

Creative marketing and catchy slogans, alone, are not strategies for success when it comes to recovery. There are a lot of false promises being made out there, and this is not only incredibly irresponsible but also reckless. Meeting with a potential client should never be viewed as an opportunity to make money. It is an opportunity to improve or, in most cases, save a life.

Every individual is different and requires a unique treatment program that caters specifically to him or her and their respective addiction. We have witnessed a tremendous amount of failure in this industry and that is unacceptable. The stakes are far too high, and lives are far too valuable.

To initiate true and lasting change, treatment must educate and empower clients, providing them with the strength, confidence, solutions and knowledge needed to safely turn triggers into hard stops.

This industry, and society as a whole, is begging for a better path and a brighter future. We not only hear that call, but we are leading the charge and believe BriteLife Recovery is the true leader for change.

BriteLife Recovery - Mitch Baumann

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