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BriteLife is a substance abuse recovery center set in the heart of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Pristine grounds and an immaculate, upscale environment, along with an endless list of amenities and an experienced and compassionate addiction team, provide clients with the atmosphere needed for recovery. Clients receive customized treatment programs that cater to their specific needs and conditions and can be sure that their comfort and safety is always a priority. A dual diagnosis facility, BriteLife not only treats addiction but also any secondary disorders that may contribute to such behavior. By treating the mind, body and spirit, BriteLife provides clients with the tools and resources needed for success.


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There is certainly no shortage of recovery centers out there. Unfortunately, many of them exist for the wrong reasons. Owners see them as money grabs — an opportunity to get rich at the expense of those who need real help. The addiction problem that exists today is too great and the stakes are far too high for such flippancy. At BriteLife, they understand this all too well. Their founder has been through recovery himself, and has seen how an effective program cannot only produce results but change lives. By combining tried and true techniques with innovative strategies and solutions, BriteLife’s team of counselors, therapists and medical professionals deliver. The mission as BriteLife is clear. Use the power of treatment, compassion and education to eradicate addiction.

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