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Stress manifests differently in each one of us. When stressors pop-up, it can feel impossible to stay focused on the present moment. However, stressful moments can be entirely checked by executing some simple self-care practices. When anxiety or worries arise, the best way to restore balance is to get back to a sense of self through self-care. Here are four ideas to get you started:


When we are stressed, it can be impossible to concentrate. Understandably, we become devoured by stress and nothing else gets done, Journaling is a great self-care practice that can help you work through stress. Find a cozy spot and get a pen and paper. Be deliberate about not judging or worrying about what falls onto paper. Start writing and let your thoughts spill onto the paper, so they no longer take up space in your mind. Once you write it all down, leave the thoughts and emotions on the paper. This is a great practice to give yourself some autonomy as you give your stressful thoughts a pink slip!



Physical exertion is one of the top things you can do to release your stress. Energy-wise, we bear the weight of stress in our bodies. Most doctors agree that regular exercise decreases stress, anxiety, and depression, while also helping calm emotions and improve sleep.

One of the best ways for beginners to get active is to start by doing activities you enjoy. It could be a long walk, a yoga class, or committing to an exercise routine. Whatever you decide, be sure to do the activity at least 30 minutes and get your heart rate going. Exercise is one of the best self-care practices to ease stress.

Control Your Breathing

When emotions of stress run high, the first symptom we experience is a change in our breathing. You are likely breathing faster or that you can’t catch your breath. Concentrating on your breathing will help to control your airflow. One of the best strategies is to put both feet on the floor and start breathing in, hold, and release in counts of four. It will also help to clear your mind and help ground you and aid you to find peace in the present.

Connect with Your Team

Human beings are created to experience connections with one another – we were created to share intimate and loving practices with other humans. When you’re feeling stressed, reach out and connect with those close to you. By calling your closest friends and family, the stress usually melts with a supportive call with your close circle.

When we feel overwhelmed or stressed, isolation is your enemy. Your brain will become a bad neighborhood that you should stay out of temporarily. Connecting with your team will help you reset your thought process, incite a few laughs, and help to reduce the anxiety.

About the Author
Matthew Koenig is the principal of Last Call Marketing, which devotes their efforts to Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Website Design and SEO, primarily in healthcare and tourism concerns. Mr. Koenig is based out of South Florida. His sober date is June 10, 2013.

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